Get your money back or rebook for free if your travel plans change!

Get back 90% or rebook for free

You can cancel or rebook your trip voluntarily 24 hours before departure.

Receive 90% of the booking or change flight up to the price initial ticket:

Your choice

you decide if you want a refund or a free rebooking

No documents

you do not have to present any documents

No questions asked

we will not ask about the reason for cancelling

How does it work?

Add the FRU Flex with the purchase of the plane ticket
If you want to cancel or rebook the trip, enter the link received by email or directly on en.fru.pl/cancel and request cancellation or rebooking
If you cancel you will receive an automatic confirmation message, and 90% of the value of the reservation in your bank account in 3 days
If You want to change your flight, we will contact you and arrange the details of the ticket change

Add the FRU Flex:

1Enter FRU.PL and choose the flight to the destination you want
2Add the FRU Flex option on the Passenger Details page before paying for the reservation
3Complete the payment

Search for any flight now!

Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my reservation?

If you wish to cancel the trip, enter the link received by email from FRU.PL together with the plane ticket or directly on this page: fru.pl/cancel and request the cancellation and you will receive a confirmation message. Your reservation will be cancelled automatically and you will receive the money in a maximum of 3 working days.


How do I rebook my reservation?

If you wish to rebook your current ticket, enter the link received by email from FRU.PL together with the plane ticket or directly on this page: fru.pl/cancel and request the change. We will contact you and arrange the details of the change. 


What is the cost of the "FRU Flex"?

The cost of the FRU Flex is dynamic and can be only purchased online along with the plane ticket. The FRU Flex cannot be added after the purchase.


In what situations Flex will not apply?

The FRU Flex does not apply if the airline has already cancelled or changed a segment(s) or both of the flight segments. In this case, In this case, refund or rebooking will be made according to the standard procedures of the airlines.

Also, the reservation cannot be cancelled or rebooked if there are less than 24 hours before the departure of the flight.


What documents do I need to submit to get a refund or rebook flight?

You don't have to provide any supporting documents or other evidence. We do not ask for the reason for cancellation or any other details.


What happens if I add this service but the airline cancels/change the flight?

The FRU Flex cannot be applied if your flight or part of your itinerary is cancelled or changed by the airline. In these situations, you can recover the cost of your plane tickets as follows:

  • You can be refunded 100% of the cancelled ticket value after we receive the money from the airline (usually this procedure takes between 30-60 days).
  • You can accept new, free flight alternatives from the airlines operating your flight.
  • If you also purchased the Fast Refund service - we will refund you within 3 days on 100% of the cost of the plane tickets, in cash.
  • We might accept cancellation requests if your multi-leg flight is partially disrupted by airline change or cancellation.


What additional services does "FRU Flex" cover?

FRU Flex applies to the following services purchased only with the reservation: luggage, seats in the aircraft, automatic check-in, Fast Refund option. Travel insurance purchased from FRU.PL is not covered by the "FRU Flex". Additional services added later or directly on the airline's website are also not covered.


Can I cancel only for some passengers?

If you request a refund or free rebook, this will be applied automatically and mandatory for all passengers.


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