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What are lowcost airlines?

Lowcost airlines are way to travel with a small budget. Lowcost carriers offer flight tickets with competitive prices in comparision with those offered by regular carriers, but they demand separated payments for most of extra services - such as registered luggage carriage (usually there's only one piece of free luggage), airport check-in, booking specific plane seats and airplane meal. The specifics of lowcost airlines is strict observance in terms of weight and size of hand and registered luggage - transgression of which cause high extra payments at the airport. Next significant thing is using airports outside of the city or in a distance from main arrival cities. But if we are ready to give up some of the conviniences offered by regular airlines, we can fly to many european capital cites and other interesting towns for a very good price.

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Check the most popular lowcost airlines routes that are operated with flights from Poland - Wizzair and Ryanair.

Tanie linie lotnicze WizzairWizzair lowcost airlines

Wizzair lowcost airlines with their main office at Budapest are one of two (including Ryanair) biggest lowcost carriers in Europe, operating the vastest flights networks. Hungarian airlines offer cheap connections from Poland and many middle-east European cities to Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia and Ukraine. In Wizzair offer there are also summer flights from Poland to Cyprus and Mallorca, and (from November 2013) to Egypt. Main airline base in Poland is located in Katowice, but Wizzair flights takes place at Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Szczecin and Lublin.

Wizzair lowcost flights from Warsaw

Loty Wizzair z Warszawy

Wizzair cheap flights from Katowic

Loty Wizzair z Katowic

Wizzair cheap flights from Gdansk

Loty Wizzair z Gdansk

Wizzair cheap flights from Poznan

Loty Wizzair z Poznan

Wizzair cheap flights from Wroclaw

Loty Wizzair z Wroclaw

Wizzair cheap flights from Szczecin

Loty Wizzair from Szczecin

Wizzair cheap flights from Lublin

Loty Wizzair z Lublin

Ryanair lowcost airlinesRyanair lowcost airlines

Ryanair lowcost airlines is an irish carrier with almost 30-years of company history and the vastest network of lowcost air connections in Europe. Ryanair has their bases in the most popular flight places in Europe - London, Milan, Brussels, Barcelona, Dublin, and also in Wroclaw and Cracow. Despite those two cities, Ryanair planes take out from Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Szczecin, Katowice, Lodz, Rzeszow, Bydgoszcz and Lublin. Irish airways operate flights from our country to Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary. There are some interesting summer flights to islands: Cyprus, Crete, Kos, Mallorka, Sicilly, Sardinia and Malta.

Ryanair lowcost flights from Warsaw

Loty Ryanair z Warszawy

Ryanair lowcost flights from Wroclaw

Loty Ryanair z Wroclaw

Ryanair lowcost flights from Cracow

Loty Ryanair z Cracow

Ryanair lowcost flights from Poznan

Loty Ryanair z Poznan

Ryanair lowcost flights from Gdansk

Loty Ryanair z Gdansk

Ryanair lowcost flights from Szczecin

Loty Ryanair from Szczecin

Ryanair lowcost flights from Katowice

Loty Ryanair z Katowic

Ryanair lowcost flights z Łodzi

Loty Ryanair z Łodzi

Ryanair lowcost flights from Rzeszow

Loty Ryanair z Rzeszowa

Ryanair lowcost flights from Bydgoszcz

Loty Ryanair z Bydgoszczy

Ryanair lowcost flights from Lublin

Loty Ryanair z Lublin