Our values

Learn the philosophy behind our service

We want the destination to be the trip itself.

We firmly think that a trip inspires and one as a person. We ourselves are passionate travelers and we want to transmit you this “microbe” through our advice and services. We think that the destinations aren’t towns or places, but the adventures of a successful trip.

We’ll say it right.

Because we like to travel, we know how to make the difference marketing and relevant information. That is why we will transmit you through our site concise information and relevant to your needs. We think that what you buy must be as it was presented to you.

We want you to be pleased with your choice.

End of story. We want you to come to us that you will get services that will fully please you. We are at your disposal through our site, by phone, on chat or in our office (click here for contact). We are good, but not perfect. If you want to tell us about something you think is not right (or maybe praise us), you can make it by email using the form here. We think that your satisfaction is a gain to us.

We want you to find what you are looking for.

This means 2 things. On the one hand, we built the “architecture” of the FRU.PL service from the perspective of a person searching for a plane ticket and not from the perspective of a site programmer. At the same time, we think that the value of a service is in the buyer’s mind and it is a variable combination of good price, the facility of obtaining a service and the relevance of the information received. We think that at FRU.PL you can find both cheap and valuable trips.

We want you to buy with trust.

When you buy from us, we want you to be sure that is all right: starting from the security of the transactions made on site, to your personal data (all the sensitive information are encrypted with the newest technologies – SSL Secure Socket Layer) and up to the services you receive from our partners (flight companies). We think that you are entitled to receive what you bought.

We want to become all-knowers.

Maybe in another lifetime, but you can help us be very informed. Send us a message with your trip impressions, advice, pictures, observations or reclamations at kontakt@fru.pl (attachments of maximum 3M please). Maybe you will help other travelers improve their experience or avoid unpleasant things. We will use this information to advise our customers. We believe in dialogue and in the power of internet to generate communities.

We want you to travel with us.

We want you to see Bari Gothic from Barcelona, Montmartre Paris, we want you to see Amalfi Coast in Italy, Tara de Foc, Pasunile Raiului from California, we want you to see the sunset in Ibiza and the sunrise in the Norwegian fiords. We believe in imagination.