FRU.PL Privacy Policy

How we collect Users data and how we protect it

FRU.PL SA (hereinafter referred to as: FRU.PL or FRU) tries to protect the right to privacy of the website's users in the widest possible scope. Our aim is to deliver to you, the User, the possibility to use our website in the manner that will not negatively influence your private life. To this end, we process personal data handed over by you entirely for the purpose for which you handed them over to us.

 Personal data processed by us

When you log in to FRU.PL website, create user account, get into it, book or buy different products or services provided by FRU.PL, FRU.PL will process the following personal data:

A. Personal data indicated by you

When you order or buy on our website or via other means of contact (phone, e-mail, chat, personally in our headquarters/work sites located in the airport(s), via Facebook or other social media), as well as when acting as a legal or authorized representative of a contractual partner of FRU, we will process personal information likely to identify a specific person.

If you decide to buy an air ticket through our agency, we will process the following information: name and surname, date of birth, sex, address, phone number, e-mail address, identity document, credit card data, nationality, air ticket number, booking number, ticket price, flight number, date and place of departure and arrival. It may be the case that, some airlines require a certain standard passenger’s identity check for certain bookings. Thus, in order to assist/perform this standard verification on your behalf, we may request a photograph of your passport or ID card which we will use only for the purposes of the verification process. Please note that these documents will only be retained for the duration of the verification process.

In order to create your user account on our website, we need your personal data, including your name and surname, sex, phone number and e-mail address. User account allows you to provide information concerning your preferences connected with travels and information about you: avatar or photo, data of passengers with whom you usually travel, preferred place in an airplane, preferred methods of payment. Via user account you also have access to all special offers and discounts offered by us. We also store your search history and previous bookings.

When you sign up for our Newsletter or Fare Alert service, we need you to provide us with your e-mail address.

When you contact us via contact forms placed on our websites, we kindly ask you to provide name and surname, e-mail address and phone number.

When you will act as legal or authorized representative of a contractual partner, we will process the name, surname, email address, phone number, position, signature.

B. Personal data which we collect automatically

When you visit FRU.PL website, we automatically collect different type of information about you, including: your IP address, information about cookies, date and time when you entered our website, history of subsites viewed on our website, data concerning web browser you use, data concerning computer's operating system, including language settings and approximate location from which you accessed our website.

FRU.PL uses Hotjar plugin. Hotjar Ltd, Level 2, St Julians Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julian’s STJ 1000, Malta (“Hotjar”) is the service provider of Hotjar plugin. Hotjar plugin is an analytic tool the aim of which is to collect information about a user's activity on a website. Only selected users of Hotjar account may use the data collected by the plugin. Additional information and Hotjar privacy policy are available at the below addresses:

In order to deactivate Hotjar plugin (opt-out), you need to stop it using the below website:

C. Other persons' data which you hand over to us

When you buy a service via our website or via other sale channel, you may do this in order to travel with other people the data of whom you hand over to us during a booking process, or you may also buy a service for another person. In such situations, you should ensure that the persons the data of whom you hand over to us are aware of this, that they understood and accepted the manner in which we use their personal data.

 Collecting and using personal data by FRU.PL

FRU.PL uses the data collected primarily in order to provide the services ordered but also to improve the services provided and inform you about the latest services and products provided that you may be interested in.

We may use your personal data only for the following purposes:

A. Provision of our services

We mostly use your data in order to provide to you the services that you have ordered.

B. Communication

We also use the data to contact you in connection with the service bought by you. We may contact you via e-mail, post, phone or SMS. The manner of contact depends on the way in which you recently contacted us.

Potential reasons for us contacting you include:

  • managing the services bought by you;
  • confirming your travel details;
  • answering all your queries;
  • suggesting benefits connected with the service;
  • asking for your satisfaction level via survey.

C. Customer service (Booking Center)

You may contact our Booking Center during the office's working hours provided on the website. Information concerning the services bought by you is used in order to find the best solutions concerning your needs and to answer all your questions pertaining to the services bought.

D. Creating new account on the website

If you are at least 16, you may create user account on our website.

Having the account, you may make purchases via our website, manage the services bought and receive special offers.

E. Legal purposes

We may use personal data in order to fulfill our legal obligations, in particular the ones connected with tax requirements and resulting from rules of cooperation with other companies.

 Legal basis for your personal data processing

Taking into consideration the fact that you have the right to know what the purpose of processing of your data is, we will inform you about other processing purposes than the ones for which you have handed your data to us.

Execution of agreement

In connection with agreement entered into or the regulations accepted by you, you have become FRU.PL's customer. We will thus process your personal data in order to provide services pursuant to the agreement entered into.

Legitimate interest

We may use the data owned for legitimate interest in order to provide you via our website with a personalized offer of our services, as well as to fulfill legal obligations.


Based on the consent voluntarily expressed by you, we may deliver to you a personalized newsletter and information about discounts and special offers within the scope of Fare Alert service. In every message sent to you, there is a hyperlink which allows to resign from receipt of newsletter or other marketing content. In order to resign, you may also send an appropriate e-mail to us to the address dane@fru.pl.

Legal obligation

Processing of some personal data may result from the necessity to fulfill legal obligations, pursuant to the provisions of Polish law, and resting with FRU.PL.

 Entrusting and sharing personal data

FRU.PL does not sell your personal data to any other entities. However, FRU.PL may hand over your personal data to third parties in order to achieve the purpose for which they have been handed over. Data may be shared with the following entities:


Business partners

We cooperate with business partners who provide services complementary to the ones you may buy from FRU.PL. What we mean here are such entities as insurance companies, payment operators, as well as suppliers of other services connected with travel.

We hand over to our partners only these data which are necessary to perform the service provided by them.

State authorities

At a documented request of state authorities, personal data may be handed over to such authorities, in particular in connection with civil or penal proceedings conducted.

Processing entities

For the purpose of supporting the processes conducted by us, we cooperate with companies from IT industry which in connection with works performed for our benefit may obtain access to personal data. Such companies, based on the agreements entered into with us, do not have the right to use your personal data for any purpose.

Other instances

In special circumstances, we may ask you to consent to handing over of your data to some other entity. The data will be handed over to such entity only once you give your consent.

 Period of data storage

We have implemented organizational and technical solutions in order to organize the process and determine criteria concerning permanent destruction of documents containing personal data and removal of personal data from our database.

Your personal data will be deleted or destroyed after the lapse of dates necessary for fulfillment of our legal obligations, as well as the date for seeking possible claims. Such deadline will be counted starting from the day when you withdrew the processing consent, raised objection or the service ordered by you was performed.

 Data security

We have implemented adequate IT solutions which secure us against threats connected with unauthorized access to data or other threats concerning integrity or confidentiality of personal data processed. Furthermore, we have implemented internal procedures concerning reporting any discovered breach and managing the situation connected with such breach.

In each event when breach has been discovered, we are obliged to inform the President of the Personal Data Protection Office about it and also you if the breach entails high risk of infringement of your rights and freedoms.

 Your rights

In connection with us processing your personal data, you have the following rights:

  1. the right to access data,
  2. to right to rectify data,
  3. the right to limit data processing,
  4. the right to delete your data by us,
  5. the right to transfer data,
  6. the right to withdraw the consent to data processing and to object data processing.

If you have any questions, doubts or want to report request concerning fulfillment of any of the rights you are entitled to, please contact us at the following e-mail address: dane@fru.pl.

In each case, we need to verify your request and in a reasonable time, not longer than one month, inform you about actions undertaken by us.

If you decide that we have processed your data against your intentions, you have the right anytime to file a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (ul. Stawki 2, Warsaw).

 About us

The entity responsible for processing of your personal data is FRU.PL with its registered office in Warsaw, Nowogrodzka Street 62B lok. 2, (personal data administrator). In all matters relating to this Privacy Policy or means of processing personal data by us, you can contact us by writing to dane@fru.pl. Furthermore, in order to ensure the highest standards of personal data protection, FRU.PL has appointed a Data Protection Officer – Małgorzata Topyła-Komosa, who you may also contact using the e-mail address dane@fru.pl.

On our websites, third parties place information in the form of cookies and other similar technologies on your terminal device (e.g. computer, smartphone) and access them. These are our trusted partners with whom we continually work to tailor the advertisements on our and their websites, as well as the services that we and our trusted partners provide, to your needs and interests. Such trusted partners are entities within the Wirtualna Polska capital group. For detailed information on how Wirtualna Polska processes your data, please refer to the Privacy Policy Wirtualna Polska.

 Change of Privacy Policy

Any current versions of Privacy Policy are to be published on FRU.PL website.

Thank you for the trust you placed in us and the time spent for reading our privacy policy which came into force on 25 May 2018. Latest update: August 8, 2023.