If your flight is canceled, we’ll buy you another ticket!

Continue the trip - without interruptions and without worries

We’ll find the fastest and free flight alternatives for you, with any airline, so you can get to your destination

We’ll get you other tickets for free

Your flight is canceled or changed? Avoid the disruptions in your itinerary

Priority assistance

Stay in contact with FRU.pl consultants the entire trip

Continue your trip

You’ll receive the fastest alternatives for the entirety of your trip

How does it work?

Add the FRU Protect option when you make a booking
If your flight is canceled or changed, we’ll give you free alternatives to continue your trip
You can continue your trip without any worry

Add the FRU Trip Protect option

1Enter www.FRU.pl and choose a flight to the destination that you wish
2Add the Vola Trip Protect option from the “Passenger Details” page before you finish the booking
3Choose other options useful for your trip and then finish the payment

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Frequently asked questions

When the service FRU Trip Protect is apply?

The FRU Trip Protect service applies if your flight is canceled or changed by more than 5 hours or delays that affect your itinerary. We will contact and offer you FREE flight alternatives with the same airline or with another airline/ flight combination offered by different airlines to reach your destination in the shortest possible time.


How does the FRU Trip Protect service work?

The purpose of the FRU Trip Protect service is to offer you one of the following two alternatives:

  • to help you reach your final destination on your trip, or
  • to offer you a refund of the value of the ticket issued by FRU.PL for the flight affected by a cancellation or a schedule change of more than 5 hours, if the flight is eligible for refund by the airline.


When the FRU Trip Protect service can be purchased?  

The FRU Trip Protect can be purchased only at the time of purchasing flight ticket(s) on FRU.PL. The service cannot be added after the purchase.


When the FRU Trip Protect not applicable?  

The FRU Trip Protect service does not apply in the following cases:

  • Flights are affected by a schedule change of less than 5 hours,
  • The passenger voluntarily canceled the trip or changed the ticket without the consent of FRU.PL,
  • The passenger is refused boarding for any reason, including if the passenger has not the travel documents required by each government authority, visas, COVID tests, proof of vaccinations, as well as other necessary documents in destination or transit country,
  • The passenger did not show up at the airport on time.


Does FRU Trip Protect apply to all passengers or only to the person who purchased the flight?

FRU Trip Protect applies to all passengers on a booking paid on FRU.PL.


If my flight is not cancelled/changed/delayed, will I get my money back for the FRU Trip Protect service?

The FRU Trip Protect service is non-refundable. 


How much does FRU Trip Protect cost? 

The FRU Trip Protect is a paid extra option. The price of the FRU Trip Protect is displayed dynamically for each flight and it adds to the total price of the flight.


Can the FRU Trip Protect be used more than once for one trip?

No. The Trip Protect can only be used once per trip.


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